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Sharing the healthcare journey with our members

Our population health management approach to healthcare focuses on improving the general health of our members by preventing illness in the healthy, keeping chronic sufferers from getting worse and encouraging modifiable lifestyle behaviour changes.

We understand that our members rely on us to ensure that their health and well-being needs are covered, which is why we have designed health risk management programmes to support our members across the health spectrum. Some of these programmes include:

Wellness Management

Our approach to wellness is based on proactively managing the health of fund members by means of a personalised wellness strategy, where members are empowered with knowledge and tools to maintain their health and prevent the onset of disease. All plans (except our Hospital Cash Plan) provide one annual wellness consultation with a general practitioner for health assessment.

Active Disease Risk Management

This programme focuses on the coordination of care of members with multiple chronic conditions. Case managers make specific outbound calls to members to provide them with support and guidance to improve their health.

Chronic Medicine Management

A focus on supporting and enabling self-management of disease in members with chronic illnesses to reduce progression of disease and optimize health. All members will have access to a personalised health portal that provides educational support, information and interactive quizzes.

Oncology Management

Cancer is an emotive disease and, in addition to managing the cost and quality of care, the intervention is also designed to support the beneficiary. Our oncology team has been specifically trained to understand the needs of members and families affected by cancer and in turn provide support and guidance.

Aid for Aids (AfA) HIV and Aids Management

Our revolutionary integrated approach to HIV disease management, Aid for Aids programme has been delivering an excellent service since 1998. Our approach is to act as a care-coordinator between the funder, doctors, pathology labs, pharmacies and patients. Supported by a team of world-respected clinicians in the field, we enable the optimal care of patients with a comprehensive solution.

Hospital Benefit Management

A focus on member care co-ordination from pre-admission to eight weeks post discharge in order to ensure best recovery and quality outcomes, and reduce readmissions.

Value-Based Healthcare

By encouraging high-quality yet cost-effective care, Medscheme Eswatini aims to achieve healthier members, more satisfied providers, and cost-savings. In turn, contributions will be lower and the Fund will be sustainable. It is that word, Sustainability which is a reflection of our commitment to make healthcare delivery more accessible to all, in a way that is financially responsible and cognisant of the needs of all of the Swazi people, the people we aim to serve.

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